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April 16, 2024

This New AI-Robot Billionaire Has Big Backers-And Big Plans

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Brett Adcock, founder of Figure, has become a billionaire with his AI-robotics firm now valued at $2.6 billion, thanks to investments from Microsoft, Nvidia, and Jeff Bezos. Figure’s humanoid robot, Figure 01, can select healthy snacks and recognize colors, but faces challenges in speed and specificity. A collaboration with BMW aims to introduce these robots into manufacturing. Despite hurdles in mobility and cost, Adcock’s vision is to make humanoid robots a household staple, showcasing his entrepreneurial journey from farming to tech innovation.

AI Index Report 2024 – Artificial Intelligence Index

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The 2024 AI Index Report offers a deep dive into AI’s evolving role, expanding its focus to include technical progress, societal attitudes, and geopolitical aspects. Highlights: AI exceeds human capabilities in some domains, industry leads in cutting-edge research, and the US is at the forefront of AI innovation. Concerns are raised over the rising costs of AI development, lack of responsible AI standards, and diversity challenges. The report also notes increased AI regulations, public apprehension about AI’s effects, and its positive impact on productivity and science.

Andrew Ng Joins Amazon Board to Support Enterprise AI

Summarized by: Alex Rivera []

Andrew Ng, renowned in AI, joins Amazon’s Board, signaling the tech giant’s ambition to lead in enterprise AI. With a rich background at Baidu, Coursera, and significant contributions to AI, Ng’s expertise is pivotal for Amazon amid fierce tech competition, including OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo and Microsoft’s AI hub. His role aims to harness AI for business and societal benefit, aligning with CEO Andy Jassy’s vision for Amazon’s future, emphasizing digital transformation and safe AI development.

Bringing generative AI to video editing workflows in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Adobe is revolutionizing Premiere Pro with generative AI, enhancing creativity and efficiency. This initiative aims to streamline tasks and increase creative control. Innovations include the Generative Extend tool for extending shots, AI-based smart masking and tracking, and Generative B-Roll for creating or sourcing footage using text prompts. Adobe’s Firefly Video Model and partnerships with AI tools like OpenAI’s Sora, RunwayML, and Pika expand capabilities. Adobe emphasizes model transparency through Content Credentials, fostering trust in content creation. This advancement transforms professional video editing, offering unprecedented possibilities within Premiere Pro.

Maritime research is on the cusp of a computer vision breakthrough

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Maritime research leaps forward with computer vision and robotics, thanks to Jeroen Hoekendijk. His PhD work at NIOZ revolutionized marine mammal monitoring by developing automated image recognition for counting seals from aerial photos. This fusion of Vision + Robotics and marine biology not only enhances research efficiency but also sets a new direction for ecological studies in marine environments. Hoekendijk’s pioneering efforts exemplify the critical role of cross-disciplinary approaches in advancing maritime research.

AI Ethics Series: AI and Bias

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The “AI and Bias” lunch talk on April 18, 2024, will explore bias in generative AI, especially in the legal sector. Organized by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Collegiate Program, the Byron R. White Center, and the Silicon Flatirons Center, it features speakers like NASA’s Newton Campbell on AI, bias, and cybersecurity; Law Professor Christine Goodman on bias in AI development; and Law Professor Spencer Overton on AI’s impact on democracy. A must-attend for legal professionals to grasp their ethical duties amidst tech evolution.

Gorilla Technology Lanner Launch Cutting-Edge Security

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Gorilla Technology Group Inc., in partnership with Lanner, announced the launch of its innovative Security Convergence Devices on April 15, 2024. These cutting-edge hardware appliances integrate AI to offer unprecedented cybersecurity protection, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The highlight of the line is the NetProbe, an AI-based platform designed to revolutionize cybersecurity at the edge. It proactively guards against cyber threats, including malicious IP connections and DDOS attacks, without requiring manual intervention. Dr. Rajesh Natarajan, CTO of Gorilla Technology, emphasizes the blend of AI and advanced hardware that sets a new standard for cybersecurity. The devices feature AI-powered intrusion detection, machine learning-driven DoS/DDoS protection, customized alert notifications, and rich analytics for data-driven security management. Gorilla aims to capture a significant market share in the rapidly growing cybersecurity sector, targeting at least 2% of the Asia Pacific and MENA markets by 2028.

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