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April 28, 2024

Artificial Intelligence and the Law 2024 Update: AI Regulations and Policy Developments

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The “Artificial Intelligence and the Law 2024 Update” seminar, aimed at attorneys, delves into AI’s evolving regulatory landscape, focusing on responsible AI use, Trustworthy AI, AI Governance, Risk, and Compliance. It explores AI’s impact on various sectors, addressing technical risks like explainability, bias, and data security. The seminar also examines current and future AI regulations, guiding attorneys on managing security, privacy, and algorithmic discrimination risks.

SenseNova 5.0: China’s latest AI model outperforms GPT-4

Summarized by: Sophie Zhang []

SenseTime’s SenseNova 5.0, launched at Shanghai’s Tech Day on April 8, 2024, claims to outperform OpenAI’s GPT-4 in logic and creativity. This hybrid AI, fusing transformer and recurrent neural network technologies, has been trained on over 10 billion tokens, incorporating a vast array of languages and synthetic data. It utilizes a ‘Mixture of Experts’ for enhanced performance, boasting a 200,000 token context window during inference. Its capabilities in knowledge, math, reasoning, and coding, coupled with advanced optimization techniques, promise accurate applications across industries. SenseTime aspires for AGI breakthroughs, aiming for a ‘wisdom flywheel’ and human-machine symbiosis.

McKinsey and Google Cloud Unlock $4 Trillion Business Value with Generative AI

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Quantum technology could generate trillions in value over the next decade, says McKinsey’s Quantum Technology Monitor. It highlights the quantum field’s opportunities and the transformative potential of generative AI. McKinsey is partnering with Google Cloud to unlock $4 trillion in business value through generative AI, aiming for sustainable, inclusive growth.

Information Technology News – ScienceDaily

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The article from ScienceDaily dated April 27, 2024, highlights key developments in IT and computing. It discusses a new algorithm for identifying tipping points in noisy data, ferromagnetism induced by particle motility, and AI’s role in enhancing customer service efficiency. It also covers cybersecurity threats to Intel processors, advancements in bionic computing, efforts to combat deepfakes, AI in medicine for safer therapies, control of valley polarization in materials, and holographic displays for immersive experiences, underscoring the rapid technological advancements and their potential impacts.


Summarized by: Sophie Zhang []

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China recently unveiled Vidu, a groundbreaking text-to-video generator based on a Universal Vision Transformer architecture. This technology is said to simulate the real world with multi-camera view generation. Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has established an AI Safety and Security Board, comprising industry leaders to develop responsible AI technology use recommendations for critical infrastructure stakeholders. Stardust Intelligence showcased their S1 robot, potentially marking a significant advancement in humanoid robotics if the claims hold true. Apple is rumored to integrate substantial AI features in iOS 18, while Google announced a $3 billion investment in U.S. data centers and a $75 million AI Opportunity Fund aimed at providing AI skills training to one million Americans. These developments highlight a significant momentum in AI technology and safety initiatives, reflecting the industry’s focus on innovation and ethical considerations.

Australia: Australian Senate to establish Select Committee on AI Regulation and Policy

Summarized by: Sophie Zhang []

The Australian Senate is forming a Select Committee on AI Adoption to scrutinize AI’s integration and its implications, aiming to guide future AI regulations. This initiative highlights the need for AI-specific laws, focusing on mitigating AI-facilitated harms and defining safety obligations for high-risk AI applications. Public submissions on AI trends, risks, regulatory practices, and environmental impacts are invited until 10 May 2024, with findings due by 19 September 2024.

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