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April 29, 2024

The AI Landscape in 2024: Training Costs, Open Source, and Foundation Models

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The 2024 AI Index Report reveals escalating training costs for AI models, from $900 in 2017 to $191 million for Google’s Gemini Ultra in 2023, hinting at a potential concentration of AI power. It also highlights the scarcity of high-quality training data and the growth of foundation models, emphasizing the dual challenge and opportunity for businesses in AI adoption and investment.

Breakthroughs in Financial Toxicity and AI for Head and Neck Cancer

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The Radiation Oncology Institute (ROI) showcased at the 2024 Symposium, significant strides in head and neck cancer care, focusing on financial toxicity and AI advancements. The PaRTNer study, led by Dr. Pooja Karukonda, highlighted the financial challenges patients face, emphasizing the need for addressing this aspect of treatment toxicity. Dr. Simeng Zhu’s AI model, predicting oropharyngeal cancer recurrence risks from pre-treatment CT images and clinical data, marks a leap towards personalized, effective treatments. These efforts underscore ROI’s dedication to improving patient care and outcomes.

Meet Tiangong, China’s Full-Size Electric Running Humanoid Robot

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China’s Beijing Humanoid Robot Innovation Center unveils “Tiangong,” a full-size humanoid robot, standing at 1.63m and weighing 43kg. Tiangong, capable of running at 6km/h, features advanced sensors and is designed for general-purpose applications. This release, following Boston Dynamics’ Atlas, highlights China’s push in robotics, aiming to boost development in home services and manufacturing.

Generative AI News Rundown - LLM Palooza with Llama, Mistral, Phi & Grok, Plus New Funding, Adobe, Apple, and More

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The Generative AI News Rundown: Last 2 weeks of April saw 21 key stories. Meta Llama 3’s launch, from 8B to 400B models, claims the top open LLM spot.’s Grok-1.5V and Mistral’s efficient LLM stand out. Microsoft’s Phi AI shows independence from OpenAI. Notable are AWS, OpenAI, Microsoft, and Adobe’s new tools like Adobe Photoshop’s Firefly Image 3 and Acrobat AI Assistant. Funding highlights include Cognition Labs, Augment, and Nvidia. Amazon Music’s ‘Maestro’ AI playlist builder integrates AI into consumer services.

FPF Training: The AI Regulatory Landscape in the US | June 27, 2024

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The Future of Privacy Forum is hosting “The AI Regulatory Landscape in the U.S.” live virtual session on June 27, 2024, 1-3PM ET. Aimed at AI professionals, it will cover the evolution of AI-related policy in the U.S., legislative impacts on the AI sector, and insights into AI regulation approaches. The session includes global context discussions and the role of rhetoric in shaping future regulations. Attendees will earn a digital badge from Credly, marking it as a key resource for navigating AI regulations.

New iPad Pro may become Apple’s first move towards AI hardware

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Apple is set to launch a new iPad Pro, featuring the M4 chip to boost AI capabilities. This marks Apple’s push into AI hardware, with the iPad Pro as its first AI-driven device. The M4 chip will also power Macs, highlighting Apple’s AI chip strategy. The unveiling is expected before the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, with further announcements at the May 7 Let Loose event. Future products, including the iPhone 16, may also incorporate AI-focused chips, signaling Apple’s commitment to AI technology.

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