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May 11, 2024

Apple Will Revamp Siri to Catch Up to Its Chatbot Competitors

Summarized by: Evan Jacobs []

Apple is set to revamp Siri by integrating generative AI, enhancing its conversational capabilities to compete with advanced chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Since its 2011 launch, Siri has lagged in maintaining dialogues and often misunderstood queries. This update, part of a broader initiative to embed generative AI in Apple’s operations, will debut at the annual developers conference on June 10. The upgraded Siri will engage in ongoing dialogues, not just isolated responses. Additionally, Apple plans to boost iPhone memory and may license AI models from other companies to enhance Siri’s performance.

Google Cloud Introduces New Generative AI Tech for Retailers at …

Summarized by: Evan Jacobs []

Google Cloud recently showcased new AI technologies at the NRF show, aiming to enhance retail. Innovations include a conversational commerce solution that integrates AI-powered virtual agents into retailer websites and apps, enabling product recommendations through natural language conversations. Additionally, a customer service modernization tool allows AI agents within CRM systems to offer personalized services like appointment scheduling. Google Cloud also introduced a tool for automating product cataloging, with Victoria’s Secret as an early adopter, using these AI solutions to optimize customer experiences and internal processes.

AMD responds to buggy AI software complaints, releases firmware …

Summarized by: Evan Jacobs []

AMD has released the Micro Engine Scheduler (MES) documentation for RDNA3 GPUs on, responding to Tiny Corp’s demands for more transparent software support. This is part of AMD’s initiative to open-source its GPU stack, enhancing its competitiveness against Nvidia in the AI and GPU compute markets. Tiny Corp, having developed workarounds for the MES, continues to press for additional documentation on PM4 packets and the COMPUTE_DISPATCH_INITIATOR. The MES firmware release is expected soon, pending legal clearances.

Artificial Intelligence for health: opportunities, risks, and governance

Summarized by: Mira Singh []

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds transformative potential for global health, offering advancements in surveillance, drug development, diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. It promises to enhance service accessibility, address workforce shortages, and reduce healthcare costs. However, the effective deployment of AI in health depends on robust governance frameworks that ensure equity, data protection, and adherence to regulations and policies. The upcoming strategic roundtable at the Seventy-seventh World Health Assembly in Geneva will focus on leveraging AI to strengthen health systems globally. It aims to initiate discussions on a renewed Global Strategy on Digital Health and AI, set priorities for the Global Initiative on AI for Health, and outline roles for various stakeholders in supporting AI’s integration into health systems. The session will also address the challenges of public-private partnerships and regulatory oversight, emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach to harness AI’s benefits while safeguarding human rights and privacy.

Regulating Artificial Intelligence

Summarized by: Mira Singh []

Artificial intelligence (AI) regulation is increasingly becoming a focal point for governments worldwide. Various laws, orders, standards, and guidelines are being issued to manage the development and application of AI technologies. These regulatory measures often include prohibitions on certain AI applications, mandates for transparency reports and risk assessments from AI developers, and the enhancement of rights for affected parties such as employees, data subjects, and users. These parties may be impacted in various contexts, including employment processes, targeted advertising, or content recommendation systems. This growing diversity in policy approaches reflects the complexity and expanding influence of AI in multiple sectors.

Expert Panel: Putting Generative AI to Work for Your Organization …

Summarized by: Mira Singh []

Generative AI is transforming organizational data use, expanding beyond chatbots to data-driven model training. TDWI’s webinar, led by VP Research Fern Halper, will delve into practical generative AI deployments in businesses. It will discuss constructing applications using large language models integrated with internal data, necessary architectures for security, and governance strategies for model reliability. The session on May 13, 2024, will feature insights from experts like Conor Jensen of Dataiku and Sandeep Singh of SAP, highlighting best practices for implementing these technologies.

CFTC Chairman Behnam Designates Ted Kaouk as the CFTC’s First Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

Summarized by: Evan Jacobs []

The Gibson Dunn update from May 10, 2024, focuses on recent regulatory changes in the derivatives market. Key points include the CFTC’s new rules and appointments aimed at enhancing compliance and integrating AI into financial market regulations. Notably, Dr. Ted Kaouk has been appointed as the CFTC’s first Chief AI Officer, emphasizing the agency’s commitment to adapting to technological advancements. The update also highlights ESMA’s call for evidence to assess the impact of UCITS gaining exposure to various asset classes, reflecting a proactive approach to understanding and potentially regulating these exposures. Additionally, the update covers the CFTC’s approval of amendments to capital and financial reporting requirements for Swap Dealers and Major Swap Participants, which are intended to streamline compliance processes. These developments indicate a significant regulatory focus on modernizing and strengthening the oversight of financial markets, particularly in relation to emerging technologies like AI.

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