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May 26, 2024

Transparency in Foundation Models: The Next Step in Foundation …

Summarized by: Liam Foster [www.marktechpost.com]

Foundation models have significant societal impact, necessitating transparency for accountability and competition. The Foundation Model Transparency Index (FMTI), introduced in 2023, evaluates transparency across developers like OpenAI and Google using 100 indicators. Initial scores revealed substantial opacity, with an average score of 37 out of 100. The updated FMTI v1.1, involving 14 developers, showed improvements with an average score increase of 14.2 points. Transparency was highest in downstream domains and lowest upstream. The index tracks changes over time, encouraging transparency through public and stakeholder pressure, aiding informed decision-making by stakeholders.

GPT-4o and Gemini 1.5 Pro: How the New AI Models Compare - CNET

Summarized by: Sophia Martinez [www.cnet.com]

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OpenAI’s GPT-4o and Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro, both advanced language models, were showcased recently. GPT-4o integrates with Microsoft and offers a 128,000-token context window, while Gemini 1.5 Pro, designed for Google, now supports a 1 million token context window, expanding to 2 million later this year. Both models have free and subscription versions at $20/month, offering enhanced capabilities. Though neither company disclosed specific parameters, GPT-4o reportedly uses 1.8 trillion parameters. Gemini’s internet access provides more up-to-date information, whereas GPT-4o’s knowledge cutoff is October 2023. GPT-4o supports 50 languages, and Gemini 1.5 Pro supports 35. Both models now feature conversational interfaces, enhancing user interaction.

Big tech has distracted world from existential risk of AI, says top scientist

Summarized by: Sophia Martinez [www.theguardian.com]

Big tech has been accused of distracting the world from the existential risks posed by AI. Despite high-profile interventions, such as Scarlett Johansson’s legal actions against AI firms, skepticism remains about their effectiveness. News Corp has made headlines with its AI initiatives, while Michael Schumacher’s family won a case against a magazine for publishing a fake AI interview. The UK’s AI Safety Institute is making strides in AI safety protocols, and a significant content deal between OpenAI and News Corp has been established. Nvidia reports substantial growth amid the AI boom, even as ethical and safety concerns persist.

EdgeCortix: Energy-Efficient AI Processors and Acceleration

Summarized by: Liam Foster [www.edgecortix.com]

EdgeCortix introduces SAKURA-II, a cutting-edge AI accelerator optimized for generative AI applications, delivering 60 TOPS in a compact, energy-efficient design. The SAKURA-II modules and cards can be integrated into various systems, offering up to 240 TOPS. The company emphasizes a software-first approach, featuring the MERA compiler and framework for heterogeneous AI inference. Founded in 2019, EdgeCortix aims to provide near cloud-level performance at the edge with superior energy efficiency, targeting industries like automotive, defense, robotics, smart cities, and manufacturing. Strategic partners and industry leaders highlight the platform’s potential to revolutionize edge AI with its unique blend of software and hardware innovation.

ABB Robotics’ global startup challenge accelerates innovation in …

Summarized by: Liam Foster [www.todaysmedicaldevelopments.com]

ABB Robotics has launched its 2024 Robotics AI Startup Challenge, aiming to accelerate AI innovations in robotics. The competition invites startups and scaleups to submit ideas in natural language programming, skill learning, and autonomous decision-making. Winners will gain access to ABB’s global network, cutting-edge technologies, and potential long-term partnerships. The challenge builds on previous successes, including the acquisition of Sevensense, an AI-enabled 3D vision navigation technology provider. Participants will collaborate with ABB engineers and access advanced robotic technologies. The winning team will receive $30,000 and partnership opportunities. Applications are open until June 12, 2024.

Generative AI: The New Lifeline To Overwhelmed Healthcare Systems

Summarized by: Sophia Martinez [www.forbes.com]

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Generative AI is emerging as a crucial tool to alleviate the strain on overwhelmed healthcare systems. With a shortage of healthcare workers and rising caseloads, AI can help streamline operations and improve patient care. Generative AI applications include AI assistants for medical guidance, handling administrative tasks, analyzing medical data, and aiding drug development. These AI systems can manage patient consultations, automate documentation, and support decision-making by retrieving relevant data. However, the effectiveness of AI depends on the quality of the data it is trained on, necessitating careful preparation and bias elimination to ensure reliable outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence News – ScienceDaily

Summarized by: Liam Foster [www.sciencedaily.com]

AI is revolutionizing various sectors, including hospitality, where AI-driven concierge services promise enhanced customer interactions. Engineers have developed AI headphones that isolate a single voice in a crowd by briefly observing the speaker. In manufacturing, a 3D printing robot, aided by AI, has designed a unique shock-absorbing structure, potentially improving safety gear. However, reliance on robots in hospitality might worsen labor shortages due to “robot-phobia” among workers. Additionally, advancements in AI include a sarcasm detector, improved guide-dog robots, and neuromorphic drones. Despite these innovations, AI still struggles with empathy and understanding user motivations, highlighting the ongoing challenges in human-AI interaction.

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