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May 27, 2024

From ChatGPT to Gemini: how AI is rewriting the internet

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Big players like Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI are making AI chatbot technology more accessible. These large language models (LLMs) function as sophisticated autocomplete systems, predicting the next word in a sentence without a hard-coded database of facts. This can lead to presenting false information as truth. AI tools like Copilot, Gemini, and GPT-4 are evolving rapidly, with companies racing to integrate these technologies into everyday applications. Apple is also entering the AI space with practical features like transcribing voice memos and auto-generated emoji. However, the industry must address AI’s tendency to hallucinate, presenting plausible but incorrect information.

Computer Science News – ScienceDaily

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Engineers have developed AI-powered headphones that allow users to focus on a single person in a crowd by looking at them for three to five seconds. This technology enrolls the speaker and isolates their voice from the surrounding noise. Additionally, a new method for producing thin bismuth crystals has potential applications in flexible electronics and quantum computing. Advances in AI are also aiding quantum computer programming by optimizing quantum gate sequences. Furthermore, AI chips may soon process time-dependent information more efficiently, enhancing audio and video data handling. Researchers are also exploring AI in various other fields, including heart failure prediction, mental health chatbots, and plasma physics in fusion.

EveryBot Advances into Personal Mobility with Acquisition of AI Robotics Firm Highcore

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EveryBot, renowned for its robotic mop cleaners, has acquired AI robotics firm Highcore to expand into personal mobility. Highcore specializes in synthetic motor control, actuator design, and AI-based autonomous driving, making it a valuable addition. This acquisition is expected to boost demand for AI-driven electric wheelchairs, benefiting various mobility-impaired groups globally. EveryBot aims to leverage Highcore’s technology with its own strengths in sales, marketing, and R&D to create innovative personal mobility solutions. CEO Woocle Jeong expressed optimism about leading the market and contributing to the development of personal mobility robotics. The move is timely, given the growing market for personal mobility devices due to an aging population and increased disabilities. However, challenges include ensuring device safety, integrating technologies, and navigating regulatory standards.

AI firms mustn’t govern themselves, say ex-members of OpenAI’s board

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Helen Toner and Tasha McCauley, former board members of OpenAI, argue that AI firms cannot be trusted to self-govern due to profit incentives conflicting with public good. Initially optimistic about OpenAI’s unique governance model—a non-profit overseeing a for-profit subsidiary—they now believe it failed. They emphasize the need for governmental regulation to ensure AI benefits humanity. Despite OpenAI’s mission to develop AGI for the good of all, the pressures of market forces proved too strong, highlighting the necessity for external oversight to manage AI’s vast potential responsibly.

The AI Money Flow: Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Stocks Like Nvidia and Snowflake

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The AI revolution, driven by generative AI and machine learning, has rebalanced the stock market, with Nvidia and Microsoft emerging as key players due to their involvement in AI innovation. Nvidia’s growth is fueled by high demand for AI-enabling hardware, particularly GPUs essential for AI computations. Microsoft leverages AI through its Azure cloud services, providing steady revenue streams from AI-driven software and platforms. Consumer products like AI-powered virtual assistants and personalized recommendations also drive significant revenue. Future AI revenue sources include autonomous systems, AI-driven innovations in various industries, and data monetization. However, the economic benefits may not be evenly distributed, raising concerns about job displacement and inequality. Balancing wealth creation with societal impacts is crucial for sustainable growth.

The Best AI Business Idea in 2024

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The article outlines some of the best AI business ideas for 2024, highlighting prominent startups and how existing companies are integrating AI into their offerings. Key startups include Anthropic, Databricks, and Abridge. Anthropic focuses on AI safety and research, partnering with AWS and Accenture, and receiving significant investment from Amazon. Databricks provides a cloud-based platform for data and AI model management, recently adding a tool called Lilac for data analysis. Abridge specializes in converting clinical conversations into notes, collaborating with NVIDIA to enhance its AI models.

The article also discusses how individuals like Samantha North and Sultan Ali are leveraging AI for blogging and content editing, respectively. Additionally, it highlights Salesforce and Adobe’s AI integrations, such as Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform and Adobe’s suite of creative and AI tools. The piece concludes with a recommendation for starting an AI A/B testing business, citing Evolv AI as an example.

Apple’s WWDC may include AI-generated emoji and an OpenAI partnership

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Apple’s upcoming WWDC 2024 may introduce AI-generated emojis and a partnership with OpenAI, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Apple is expected to enhance practical AI features like voice memo transcriptions and auto-generated emoji. The event might reveal deeper chatbot integrations into Apple’s OS, starting with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and potentially Google’s Gemini. A notable feature could be a “smart recap” summarizing missed texts, notifications, and various media. Other AI enhancements may include improved Spotlight search, Safari internet searches, and writing suggestions for emails and texts. Apple aims to perform these tasks locally on devices, offloading complex processes to M2 Ultra-based servers. Additionally, iOS 18 may allow users to customize app icon colors and freely arrange home screen app icons.

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