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July 02, 2024

AI Stocks: Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks To Watch Amid ChatGPT Hype | Investor’s Business Daily

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Investor interest in AI stocks is surging, with companies like Microsoft and Nvidia leading the way. Nvidia’s stock has soared 149% in 2024, driven by its AI chips, and Apple plans to integrate ChatGPT into Siri. Microsoft, a major investor in OpenAI, is seeing significant revenue growth from AI. However, many software companies are still figuring out how to monetize AI products, with real revenue benefits expected by 2025. Cloud computing giants are heavily investing in AI infrastructure, while new AI startups challenge tech incumbents. The AI sector spans chipmakers, software firms, and cloud service providers, all vying for a strategic edge.

Despite adoption hurdles, healthcare is all-in on Generative AI | CIO

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Generative AI (GenAI) is rapidly gaining traction in healthcare, impacting areas such as hospital operations, clinical trials, and drug discovery. The 2024 Generative AI in Healthcare Survey reveals significant budget increases, with technical leaders driving adoption. Large companies lead in evaluating GenAI, while medium and small companies experiment with and develop models. Task-specific language models are preferred, reflecting the sector’s unique needs. Common applications include answering patient questions, medical chatbots, and information extraction. Despite the enthusiasm, challenges like accuracy, privacy, and ethical concerns necessitate human oversight. Tailored strategies and collaboration between technical experts and domain specialists are essential for successful GenAI implementation in healthcare.

Top 10 robotics stories of June 2024 - The Robot Report

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The top 10 robotics stories of June 2024 highlight significant advancements and investments in the robotics industry. Key developments include ABB’s launch of the OmniCore platform for enhanced control across its robotics line, and Realtime Robotics’ collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric for improved motion planning. NVIDIA’s Omniverse adoption by robot market leaders and Beep’s deployment of autonomous shuttles at Honolulu airport are noteworthy. GrayMatter Robotics raised $45M to simplify robot programming, while Vecna Robotics secured over $100M to expand warehouse automation. IEEE initiated a study group for humanoid robot standards, and a partnership was formed between ROBOTIS and Realbotix. Robotics investments in May 2024 exceeded $2.1B, and Agility Robotics’ Digit humanoid secured a multi-year deployment deal with GXO Logistics.

United States - Music and the Arts - Major Labels File Suit Against AI Music Start-Ups For Unlicensed Training

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On June 24, 2024, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment filed copyright infringement lawsuits against AI music start-ups Suno and Udio. These companies allow users to generate music based on text prompts using AI models trained on copyrighted recordings without permission. The lawsuits claim that the AI-generated outputs contain components identical to copyrighted materials, citing examples like Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode” and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” The labels seek declarations of infringement, injunctions, and statutory damages. Suno’s CEO defended their technology as transformative, arguing it generates new outputs rather than copying existing content.

AI in the Workplace: The New Legal Landscape Facing US Employers

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the employment landscape by automating tasks and enhancing decision-making. However, it raises concerns about biases, accuracy, and legal compliance. The U.S. government, from the Biden administration to local governments, has introduced regulations to govern AI use in workplaces. Employers are using AI to streamline recruiting and promote diversity, but risks include potential discrimination and data leaks. The White House has issued guidelines to protect workers, emphasizing transparency, ethical AI development, and safeguarding workers’ rights. States like New York, Colorado, and California have implemented or proposed AI regulations, focusing on bias audits, transparency, and compliance. Employers should adopt transparent AI usage policies, validate AI results, and stay informed on legislation to mitigate legal risks.

Tesla’s Robotaxis Coming in 2024, Full Self-Driving Feature in 2023 | IoT World Today

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Tesla is set to mass-produce robotaxis by 2024, aiming to offer rides cheaper than bus or subway tickets. These self-driving vehicles will lack steering wheels and pedals, featuring various undisclosed innovations. CEO Elon Musk believes the robotaxi will significantly drive Tesla’s growth. Additionally, Musk provided an update on the Optimus humanoid robot project, asserting its future importance and potential to surpass the value of Tesla’s car business. Tesla also plans to achieve full self-driving (FSD) capability by 2023, which Musk describes as solving real-world AI challenges comparable to human neural networks and vision.

The Fourth International Conference on AI ML Systems | 8-11 OCTOBER 2024 | LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY | BATON ROUGE, USA

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The Fourth International Conference on AI ML Systems will be held from October 8-11, 2024, at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, USA. This event explores the intersection of Systems Engineering and AI/ML techniques, emphasizing the advancements in computational systems that enable significant strides in AI/ML. The conference will address how AI/ML systems foster new socio-techno-economic systems and generate fresh research requirements. Keynote speakers include Michael Jordan (UC Berkeley), Kavita Bala (Cornell), and Deepak Bansal (Microsoft Azure). Important dates: abstract deadline on July 10, 2024, paper submission deadline on July 22, 2024, and author notifications by August 15, 2024.

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