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July 07, 2024

For Older People Who Are Lonely, Is the Solution a Robot Friend? - The New York Times

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New York State is using ElliQ, a voice-activated robotic companion developed by Intuition Robotics, to combat loneliness among older adults. ElliQ resembles a table lamp with a digital screen and can engage in complex conversations, providing companionship to seniors who are often isolated due to factors like widowhood or declining health. Dorothy Elicati, 84, found solace in ElliQ after her husband’s death, describing the robot as making her feel cared for and important. While the initiative aims to alleviate loneliness, there are concerns about data privacy and the implications of relying on robotic companions.

New From WIPO: Generative Artificial Intelligence: Patent Landscape Report

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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has published a new report titled “Generative Artificial Intelligence: Patent Landscape Report.” This comprehensive document provides the latest trends in patents related to generative AI, offering insights into various modes, models, and industrial applications. The 114-page PDF aims to give readers a thorough understanding of the current patent landscape and potential future impacts of generative AI technology.

Gary Black Raises Tesla Price Target As Ex-Ford CEO Notes Irony of Auto-Driven Stock Rally Amid Elon Musk’s AI And Robotics Focus — TradingView News

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Gary Black, Managing Partner of the Future Fund, has raised his price target for Tesla shares from $200 to $270. He also revised his 2024 estimates for Tesla’s vehicle delivery volume to 1,707,000 units and adjusted earnings per share (EPS) to $2.4. Despite these increases, Black’s estimates remain below Wall Street’s expectations of 1,804,000 units and an EPS of $2.46. For 2030, Black is more optimistic, projecting an adjusted EPS of $15, higher than Wall Street’s $12. Black’s long-term optimism is based on increased global EV adoption, higher take rates for Tesla’s self-driving technology, and growth in its energy storage segment. However, he did not account for potential value from Tesla’s upcoming robotaxi or humanoid robot Optimus. This revision coincides with a recent rally in Tesla’s stock, driven primarily by strong vehicle delivery numbers and better-than-expected performance in its energy storage business.

6th Global Gastroenterology and Artificial Intelligence Summit - ASGE

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The 6th Global Gastroenterology and Artificial Intelligence Summit, scheduled for September 7, 2024, in Washington, D.C., will focus on the regulation, research, and ethical use of AI in gastroenterology. The event, directed by Prateek Sharma, MD, and Michael B. Wallace, MD, will cover topics such as the safety and accuracy of AI algorithms, strategies for building trust in AI, regulatory landscapes, and ethical considerations. Participants will engage in panel discussions, case studies, and workshops, gaining insights into recent AI innovations and the NIH’s role in advancing research. Registration fees vary, with discounts for ASGE members and trainees.

Title: Breakthrough in AI Challenge for Vietnamese Students

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A high school team from Ho Chi Minh City, named Green Innovators, won a national AI competition in Vietnam. The team, consisting of Nguyen Phuong Anh, Le Van Minh, and Tran Bao Trung, and mentored by Dr. Nguyen Hoang Nam, excelled in AI image processing, natural language processing, and machine learning. They scored 9.67 out of 10, tying for first place with another team from Hanoi. Green Innovators and another team from Da Nang will represent Vietnam at the International AI Olympics in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2024. Team Captain Le Van Minh expressed excitement about showcasing their AI skills internationally. This achievement highlights the growing AI talent and interest among Vietnamese students.

AI Breakthroughs: The Next Big Thing to Bet On | InvestorPlace

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InvestorPlace’s article discusses the transition from AI 1.0, characterized by AI software and chatbots like ChatGPT, to AI 2.0, focusing on humanoid robots. Key industry players such as Nvidia, Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, and OpenAI are heavily investing in this next phase of AI. Elon Musk predicts that Tesla’s humanoid robot, Optimus, could significantly surpass the company’s core vehicle business, potentially making Tesla a $25 trillion company. Other notable investments include Jeff Bezos’ $100 million in FigureAI, with additional funding from Amazon, Microsoft, Nvidia, Intel, and Samsung. The article emphasizes that investing in AI 2.0 now could yield substantial future returns.

Best Artificial Intelligence Podcasts [2024] Top 35 Shows - Goodpods

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Goodpods has released a list of the top 35 Artificial Intelligence podcasts for 2024, ranked by listens, ratings, comments, subscriptions, and shares. The top three podcasts are “Aspen Ideas to Go,” featuring conversations with leading thinkers, “Your Undivided Attention,” which explores the power of emerging technologies, and “Practical AI: Machine Learning, Data Science,” focusing on practical implementations of AI. Other notable mentions include “COMPLEXITY: Physics of Life,” discussing universal laws of life, and “Everyday AI Podcast,” offering daily insights into AI trends. The list covers a wide range of AI-related topics, from ethical implications to practical business applications, catering to various audiences from enthusiasts to professionals.

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