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Dython is a set of Data analysis tools in pYTHON 3.x, which can let you get more insights about your data.

This library was designed with analysis usage in mind - meaning ease-of-use, functionality and readability are the core values of this library. Production-grade performance, on the other hand, were not considered.

Here are some cool things you can do with it:

Given a dataset, Dython will automatically find which features are categorical and which are numerical, compute a relevant measure of association between each and every feature, and plot it all as an easy-to-read heat-map. And all this is done with a single line:

from dython.nominal import associations
The result:


Here's another thing - given a machine-learning multi-class model's predictions, you can easily display each class' ROC curve, AUC score and find the estimated-optimal thresholds - again, with a single line of code:

from dython.model_utils import metric_graph

metric_graph(y_true, y_pred, metric='roc')
The result:



Dython can be installed directly using pip:

pip install dython
Other installation options are available, see the installation page for more information.


See some usage examples of nominal.associations and model_utils.roc_graph on the examples page. All examples can also be imported and executed from dython.examples.

Modules Documentation

Full documentation of all modues and public methods is available: